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It's Monday morning at the hiring manager's office. The phones are ringing, and six people are waiting in the hall for a moment of his time. Just as the manager finishes a report to present to senior management in this morning's Review meeting, the boss pops his head in the doorway. Anxiously, he asks, "Did you get any resumes in response to the ad for an administrative assistant?" The manager replies, "I'll check the reception desk after the meeting, and will get back to you first thing this afternoon."

$35,000 to Start !!!!!!!!!!!

Seeking a talented Administrative Assistant need to act as right-hand person to very busy marketing executive. Set up meetings, coordinate travel schedule, and serve as liaison between all concerned., including clients and external contacts.

Exceptional oral/written communication skills necessary to interact across all levels of a company on a daily basis; Spanish speaking skills helpful to translate customer requests and interface with satellite office in Brazil.

Must have advanced Microsoft Word and Excel skills. Must be proficient in Access and  Power Point for maintaining databases and developing slideshow presentations. Steno a plus. Will  train the right person.

Five years of experience preferred, or a minimum of two years of college or vocational training.

Excellent compensation package includes paid holidays & vacation, and tuition reimbursement. Call Susan at 516-555-5555, or email your plain text resume at plazamedical@aol. No attachments will be accepted. Job code AAMF-0904.


Ad Reading Rule of Thumb

First ask yourself if you meet the qualifications, then decide if you are willing to perform or learn the job-specific requirements outlined in the ad.

Pay attention to certain words and phrases such as must, preferred, minimum, related, willing to train, and as needed. These words measure the extent to which certain tasks are required, and whether or not the employer is willing to work with you if there is a learning curve. This will also have a direct impact on your salary.

Often, ads are placed without providing a telephone number or company name. Try using the name in the email provided to look up their company web site. This way you can research the company. It is advised not to contact the company about the opening. Instead, use the information to compose an interesting cover letter indicating your knowledge of and interest in their company. In this fictitious case, try: www.plazamedical or conduct an Internet search for plaza medical. 

If you are lacking software training, take a crash course at your local library or borrow a friend's computer. This is your future. Make sure you do whatever it takes to compete!



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