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Functional is a skills-based, achievement-oriented resume format. Employment is completely omitted! Experience and accomplishments are listed in sections with specific headings that extract and showcase only what is directly applicable to the targeted position. Because it is somewhat vague and incomplete, it is the least preferred resume format of employers and recruiters.


Sales Management

  • Prospected and sold communications services to business accounts spanning the Northeast region.

  • Conducted competitive analyses on European markets to formulate conceptual strategies that cemented key alliances with distributors throughout Italy, France, and Germany.

Market Penetration

  • Consulted clients on the cost-effective advantages of switching over from standing services, resulting in a 15% new market penetration with revenues at $1,850 at close of 2000.

  • Aggressively marketed Anderson's company logo and message in print and television advertising campaigns, heightening brand awareness across U.S. and European consumer markets.

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