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Today's employers seek candidates that are capable of wearing many hats. However, it is favorable to show a career focus, and strength in certain areas. Use a combination format to categorize your experience and accomplishments. This layout categorizes WHAT you are able to do, while de-emphasizing the frequent changes in career choices. View our portfolio of resume samples and read our resume writing articles for ideas on formats and strategies.

Having held various positions can be advantageous when putting your resume together. If you installed and repaired satellite dishes, worked as a waiter, and volunteered at a crisis center, you might be well suited for a new career as a computer technician or a help desk support professional. Maybe all you would need is some training, a diploma, or a certification.

If you have too many unrelated jobs, you risk coming across as unfocused, a job-hopper and a flight risk. This is a real concern because it costs a company a lot of money and resources to hire an new employee. So how do you overcome this obstacle?

You should start with a strategic resume. It can be a hybrid / functional format. This way the focus is on what you do rather than the job titles and industries. You can show that your are technically inclined and have excellent customer service skills by providing examples on problem assessment and troubleshooting. For example, use heading such as Customer Service and Project Highlights.. There are a few ways to approach this. 

A functional resume will list skills-based categories such as Staff Supervision and Training, Sales, Marketing, etc. This format will place the chronology in a separate section.

A hybrid resume will lend itself to theme-based sub-categories and functional sections within the framework of a chronology - hence, a combination resume, which combines the elements of a chronological and functional format. Hybrid is just another name for it.

Okay, so now that you've decided that you are going to use these fancy resume strategies -- you need to know what to present in the way of information.

The first thing to do is to review the requirements of a job ad and ask yourself, have I done this? If yes, make a few notes about what you've done and for what employer. Before long, you will have a good amount of information for your new resume. Now you need to decide on three or four functional areas that seem to describe these experiences. That will determine your branding statement at the top, as well well as the categories that you will use and the keywords.

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